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Ohio State University's College of Veterinary Medicine offers the latest technology and medicine for equine care through the Galbreath Equine Center. The comprehensive services and quality of care make this a premier center for treating injured horses. The staff consists of prominent veterinary names, as well as highly trained students from the Ohio State University veterinary program.

Because the equine industry in Ohio is valued in the billions, the demand for equine services remains high. The center hosts 1200 injured horses each year, and services that many on an outpatient basis as well. The range of treatments available, along with the center's cutting-edge technology, have made this a premier locale for horses needing care, as well as for visiting veterinarians.

The  Center offers the following equine care services:

 • Emergency

•  Critical Care

•  Neurology

•  Imaging

•  Surgery

Hilarious Fails

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Horse fails try not to laugh | Funny horse fails compilation | Horse accident funny new 4
Horse fails try not to laugh | Funny horse fails compilation | Horse accident funny new 4

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The Pistol Annie's Equestrian Drill Team Performing Long Drill at The Reno-Sparks Live Stock Event Center.

Stunning Stallions

Uploaded on Jan 14, 2012

Champion reining stallion standing at stud

Titan (Tellin White Lies) has some of the best and most recognized bloodlines in the western performance horse industry coursing through his veins.

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Megson Farms in Benton, Kentucky has the largest herd of white thoroughbreds in the world. One of their horses was among nine animals from various farms that played the part of "Silver" in the Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp.

For the past 40 years, the Megson family has been involved in all aspects of the horse business. Paul Megson has held a thoroughbred trainers license for some 26 years, and trained quarter horses before that. From the early days as Vice President of the Ohio Quarter Horse Racing Assoc., to a nine year elected span as a board member of the Ohio Thoroughbred Assoc., to five years as Director of Sales of National Equine Sales to a long carrier as a thoroughbred trainer---we have the experience that you can depend on here at Megson Farms.

A student of equine genetics and bloodline selection,Valerie Rowe Megson, Hillary Rowe Megson, and Berva Megson have studied at length under the tutelage of master breeder Dalene Knight, of Painted Desert Farms. Dalene was responsible for the isolation and perpetuation of the dominant white gene which has eluded