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7 years ago
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Few folks ever get to experience a place like this.
Sky-piercing mountains stretch out across the landscape, their peaks crusted with ice and snow. The air is cool and fresh. And best of all, there’s an almost zen-like quiet out here.
This is just another day on the trail when you go on our 6-day Halfway Lodge horseback adventure. You’ll pass by the shimmering waters of the Bow River, travel along a historic pack trail and then ride up Allenby Pass, where jagged rock formations line the route.
And although you do climb to an elevation of 8,100 feet on this trip, the terrain is gentle for the entire way. And for all the rugged scenery you’ll get to gaze at on this trek, the adventure itself is far from ‘roughing it.’
Unwind in rustic luxury at the spacious Sundance Lodge and later at the cozy Halfway Lodge – both are quintessential mountain cabins. Comfortable beds, a crackling fire and some of the most delicious backcountry cuisine you’ll ever try can be found at these lodges.

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