Catalonia, Spain Horse Riding trip with Panorama Trails and Equitours

from MistyCross
7 years ago
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This was a ride a group of friends and I went on March 2015, through Spain and the Catalonia region called The Dali Beach and Coast Ride. We went through Equitours in the US and the actual guide was Panorama Trails in Spain. This ride zigzagged through the "Dali-Triangle", consisting of the villages of Pubol, Figures and Cadeques. We rode through fields of wheat and Canola, through beautiful old villages, into the Woodlands and along the coast of the Cap de Creus. The horses were primarily Andalusion with Spanish mix and were strong, well kept, very well trained, sure footed and wonderful for the approximate 70 mile ride. We rode each day for 7 days about 6 hours a day (give or take) riding through new countryside each day, having picnics in beautiful locations and staying at amazing little bed and breakfasts as we went. The actual riding was nicely paced allowing for lots of excitement as well as being able to enjoy the unbelievable beauty of the countryside. I would highly recommend this ride, and if there weren't so many others to adventure out on, would gladly do it again in a heartbeat. Our guide made the trip more than just a "horse ride", and more of a true lifetime experience. ( I never say once in a lifetime, because there are too many adventures out there!!) Equitours did a great job of vetting this guide, and making clear our arrangements and plans! I hope someone who watches this is able to enjoy this ride one day as much as me and my seven girlfriends did this year! I apologize for the shaky video towards the end. My go pro died and I had to resort to a handheld video, which is tricky in high wind and steep trails. Someone once told me about riding horses "Always be the rider, never the passenger". I think that translates well to life as Well! Go ride and ENJOY!!

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