The Truth about Protein in horse diets

6 years ago
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Is protein good or bad for horses? — Internationally renowned Equine Nutritionist Dr Tania Cubitt reveals numerous myths about protein in horses diets and highlights the importance of this nutrient in the horse’s diet.

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In this Video:
Dr Tania Cubitt consulting nutritionist to HYGAIN talks about the importance of protein in your horse’s diet, where it is sourced from as well as what happens if there is an excess or deficiency in the diet.
Many horse owners are scared of protein and believe it makes their horse crazy or hot. Some think it causes laminitis and growth problems in young horses or even leads to kidney damage. In reality though, protein does not cause any of these issues. We will help better understand this important nutrient and discover your horse’s requirements and quality sources. We have broken this video up into 3 sections to talk you through the role of protein in your horse’s diet.

0:30 Common misconceptions about Protein
Protein Digestion
1:14 Learn how protein is digested in the horse’s body and what it is used for.

Protein Requirements
1:50 Tania explains the extremely variable absorption rates and the difference between good and poor quality protein sources.

Protein excess and deficiency
2:33 Do you know what happens to your horse when it is protein deficient or receiving too much? Find out here.

Protein Sources in horse feeds
3:22 There are several sources of protein in the horse’s diet ranging from good to poor quality sources. You will have a great understanding which common horse feed ingredients are a good or poor sources of protein.

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The Truth about Protein in horse diets

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