About Fiteos

Founded on January 1, 2011, FITEOS is the first site to launch in our social network, EOS ZOO. Fiteos.com is a video-sharing social site just for fitness, covering every fitness type from power lifting to pilates and other fitness-related genres such as massage therapy and nutritional counseling. Our sites are designed to put the content you want right at your fingertips, so you can literally view what you do or whatever you're “into” as quickly and easily as possible. This includes the ability to upload your own fitness videos and watch videos of others, find new fitness pals, review and shop for fitness-related products, and find fitness or health professionals and businesses in your area. So whether you're a fitness fanatic or simply want to drop a few pounds, Fiteos.com is the fitness forum for you!


Our Mission

The evolution of social. By following familiar roads and then blazing new trails, we are creating an amazing network that combines video-sharing, social networking, and other unbelievably cool features in a way that literally transforms the way you socialize online.


Our Philosophy

Fun is fundamental. As having fun makes people happy, we have designed websites that are not just fun to use, but are literally based upon the things you do for fun. By creating a community that allows you to have as much fun socializing online as you do in real life, we don't want you to like our sites - we want you to love them.