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This young Appaloosa HYPP N/N stallion, Pardon My Moonshine, (aka Fenton) sired by The Secret Pardon, loves playing ball- & chasing wild turkeys!

desert trail horse riding at the alpaca farm at mitzpe ramon israel is a breath taking experience.
excellent athletic well trained horses with arabian blood.

And on we go, camping on the beach, exploring the backroads, looking over hedges and walls, having a lovely time. Until, just a mile or so from base, disaster strikes…

We went on Safari in South Africa at Aquila Game Reserve! Was Such A Blast! Enjoy the video!

Come see the wilds of Africa, here in Cullinan, South Africa...on HORSEBACK! Colin's Horseback Africa is a lodge, horseback tour, and has a LION breed and release program!

I had an amazing time in South Africa and Botswana with Horizon Horseback and Limpopo Horse Safaris. This is from the African Explorer Safari in Mashatu Game Reserve and Waterberg Reserve.