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Horseback riding, hiking, line-dancing, Western music — this is a week to remember at Tarryall River Ranch, in the high mountains of Colorado, USA.

Push play and take a little winter horseback riding vacation at The Home Ranch, one of the "1,000 Places To See Before You Die" in the American West.

The Big Creek Lodge is a great place to visit, in every season you can search for pure nature and canadian wilderness, an incredible view of forests, water and mountains.

Offering day and multi-day pack trips. Located only 44km down the North Klondike Highway outside of Whitehorse.

Horse riding in Canada, courtesy of horse riding holiday specialists Globetrotting, check it out here:

Few folks ever get to experience a place like this.

Few folks ever get to experience a place like this.

Informational Video about the Hunewill Ranch, California's oldest working guest ranch.