2019 Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining Charlie Thiel on Saddled on Saturday


This young Appaloosa HYPP N/N stallion, Pardon My Moonshine, (aka Fenton) sired by The Secret Pardon, loves playing ball- & chasing wild turkeys! Ball playing is obviously one of his favorite things to do...If he sees people nearby he actually tosses the ball to them so they can toss it back to him!

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We brought in these seven wild BLM Mustang horses to gentle. This is Day One...


little girl riding a beautiful Lusitano stallion without a saddle at the Golegã horse fair


Beautiful 19 year old stallion Que Habil together with me on an outdoors ride. He is such a special horse! And look at him enjoying!


The Spanish riding school is a hotspot for lovers of horses, music, classical culture, for families with horse riding teenagers or smaller kids from three years of age. There are a few Vienna attractions that are unique worldwide, and this school is one of them. The performances of the baroque Lipizzaner horses in the unique Renaissance tradition of horse riding continue to be popular among visitors from all over the world.

Amazing Fireworks on Thames London Mayor's Show


The original Arabian horses from Yemen.

A professional documentary about the origin of the Arabian horses.

According to research and studies the origin of the Arab horses is from Yemen also know as the 'Sheba Kingdom'. Namely the cities of Marib and Al-Joaf.

In 1969 Sheikh al- Shaif established the 1st stable of horses in Yemen. These horses are well known for their strength, speed and being the most beautiful horses in the world. The Al- Shaif stable is where the original pure blood Yemeni horse can be found.

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Woody the Egyptian Arab racing Heidi the Thoroughbred across Redcar beach.

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