This a rising 5 year old Hanovarian dressage horse who didn't want to load into the truck. She's previously been trained with a Monty Roberts pressure halter and learned to pull through it. I was called in because not only was she now difficult to load but if you did manage to get her in she wouldn't turn to be tied up on the left hand side of the truck. Attempts to turn her to the left caused her to launch herself off the truck and down the ramp.
I was with her for just over an hour but had her loading happily after the first half an hour.


Mouthy horses are quite common, especially young horses, and especially young geldings. How to handle or correct a mouthy horse is one of the most frequent questions that I am asked.
Biting or "mouthy" behavior can stem from a variety of causes. It can be natural playfulness in a youngster, a warning or display of agression, a sign of frustration, or a learned habit for stopping some activity that the horse does not like (such as tightening a girth).

This past week, as I was spending several days on the island of Molokai, Hawaii, I had the opportunity to work with a young horse named Jelly Bean who was a great example of mouthy behavior.

There are numerous different techniques for correcting mouthy horses, but I feel it mostly boils down to this:

Avoid getting bit
Make biting uncomfortable for the horse
Make it clear to the horse that biting won't get him anywhere - no release of pressure, no opportunities to snatch food or play the "tag, you're it" game
Stay calm and don't take it personally
In this week's video, you can watch how I actually


What is cribbing, and how to stop your horse from cribbing. Cribbing is a vice for horses or a compulsive behavior. Cribbing can possibly lead to stomach issues and can wear down your horse's teeth. Learn some facts about Cribbing with Dr. Kenton Morgan.


Ken McNabb says there's only one tried and true answer.


How to correctly fit Barclays Anti-Cribbing Collar to your horse.


I am sharing this video to help those of you who have a horse who bucks.
More free videos here
This horse has trouble during saddling and when being ridden.
In this video Shane Ransley will show you a technique that works well to helps stop horses from getting scared and going into a buck. No force is used in this technique as it is about teaching the horse and helping them stay calm not just stopping the buck.
More horse training videos are available at

Video reply to this comment
Question was:
I have a pony that does this except I can get the pony to go forward and lateral in the ground but not in the saddle. It will not go forward at all in the saddle. If I use leg pressure at all he stays still? If I use to much, he bucks? Ideas?

I was out videoing today so I did a video reply for your question on the bucking horse video.
Here is the link to my video reply

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Working with owner and her horse on bolting . The horse doesnt know how to give the bit and over reacts


In this training series, Warwick Schiller shows you how to use the mantra Make The Wrong Thing Hard And The Right Thing Easy to solve common horse problems.In this first episode, he shows you a surprisingly simple way to have your horse lower its head while you hose it.

We have hundreds of full length videos filmed with real horses with real problems in real time at


The horse was spooked by some birds (out of shot) but Hannah managed to hang on. For the largest range of western saddles in the US please visit

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Working with owner and her horse on bolting . The horse doesnt know how to give the bit and over reacts


In this clip from the problem horse session in our July 2014 Parelli Inside Access Savvy Club DVD, Pat Parelli helps a 16-year-old cowboy with his horse's tendency to run off and rear when ridden. There are some great tips in here on gaining control of your horse's feet as well as his mind and emotions. Watch the full Inside Access DVD, including problem horse, lesson with Linda Parelli, Horsenality Q&A and more on our membership site, Membership starts at just $9.95/month, so sign up today to get started!