How to stop a horse from bucking

7 years ago
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I am sharing this video to help those of you who have a horse who bucks.
More free videos here
This horse has trouble during saddling and when being ridden.
In this video Shane Ransley will show you a technique that works well to helps stop horses from getting scared and going into a buck. No force is used in this technique as it is about teaching the horse and helping them stay calm not just stopping the buck.
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Question was:
I have a pony that does this except I can get the pony to go forward and lateral in the ground but not in the saddle. It will not go forward at all in the saddle. If I use leg pressure at all he stays still? If I use to much, he bucks? Ideas?

I was out videoing today so I did a video reply for your question on the bucking horse video.
Here is the link to my video reply it is an unlisted video because the reply needs to be taken in context with the "How to stop a horse from bucking" video and your question, there could be a few reply's but I think this one will help you the most in your situation.

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