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1989 views When halter training foals start within the first few days. It is much easier at this point than when the foal gets to be months old. Watch Kelly and see how easy this process is. A little work everyday makes the process very easy. Thank you kindly for watching.

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When it comes to raising foals, a lot of people make the mistake of only loving and rubbing on them and then wonder why their cute babies grow up to be 1,000-pound terrors. If you want a horse to be a respectful, safe partner, you have to prove to him that you're a knowledgeable leader and show him what is expected of him. The younger you can get to a horse and the more consistent you can be, the better you will be at preventing disrespectful or fearful behavior from developing in the first place.

In this lesson learn about desensitizing a foal with objects that move and make a noise. Also learn how to teach your foal to move away from pressure with the Touch and Rub Method exercise.

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This 9 mo old came in yesterday, he'd never been haltered or handled until they loaded him yesterday. It took them an hour to get him captured and caught, I sent about 40 minutes yesterday on his arrival teaching him to think about coming to me.