Foal Halter Training

7 years ago
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1988 views When halter training foals start within the first few days. It is much easier at this point than when the foal gets to be months old. Watch Kelly and see how easy this process is. A little work everyday makes the process very easy. Thank you kindly for watching.

We have created 3 Video Packages for Young Horse Handling. Foals (6 videos), Weanlings (12 videos), and Yearlings (14 videos). Each of these videos shows actual youngsters in training and their training sessions. We take you through the entire training process with youngsters at each age that have never been handled. Visit for more information.

For further videos to train your horses please visit: there you will receive more information on:

Silence Speaks More Online Horse Training Mastery Academy

This is truly a unique Monthly Membership Site. We don't just take you through the steps at each training level. We show you actual horses that are in training and the steps they actually go through. Each area has multiple horses videoed. No two horses are alike and we will show you how different horses move through the different steps of the training process.

We have training sections for new born foals all the way up the the finished horse.

The "Owners Questions" section of the membership site is an area that shows videos we have made in response to different questions we have received. We will do our best to find a horse in a similar situation and video how we overcome the same problem.

For the cost of 1 Riding Lesson a month ($49.95) you will receive access to over 50 videos taking youngsters and older horses through the training process. More Videos will be added weekly to this Academy.

We truly feel our Membership Site is unique and if you don't agree within the first 30 days we will refund your entire first months membership fee - no questions asked.

for more information on this truly unique Horse Training Membership Site

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