In this video I show you how to properly saddle and bridle a horse western style. I hope you guys learned something new!

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Entertainment Feature on Bella Da Costa who is a thirteen year old trick rider from Alberta, Canada. She has been trick riding for 9 years, and her favourite trick to perform is the side drag.

She is so talented, and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to work with her on this project for school.

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"It's elegant and dangerous all at the same time." These talented women from Edgerton, Alta., aren't horsing around when it comes to trick riding.

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Barry explains how he teaches a pair of Friesian mares to walk calmly on rubber bits and why we are giving this lesson over a short-distance drive. He talks about the importance of horses listening to you, why we drive hard-pulling and hard-mouthed horses in rubber bits and shows how we control horses that are fresh out the stable.
These horses were sent to us because they wanted to go at 90mph everywhere, wouldn't walk out the yard and wouldn't stand still. We are trying to get them to walk on a slack rein just off the voice instead of hanging onto their mouths to get them to stay at a slower pace. Although they are being driven in rubber bits, we still want them to respond mainly off the voice.
As these horses throw their heads up in the air to evade the bit (a habit which can be due to having a severe bit in their mouths to control them previously) we have put a standing martingale on them. We are


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Jack was sent to us to be broken as his owners want to compete him in driving trials. In this film we show him being driven in town, around country lanes and in our arena. We also explain how wet weather can affect driving horses, why we drive out in all weathers and why we believe training horses to be safe, confident and happy should be a standard part of breaking a horse to harness.
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Foggy, a 5yo dapple grey gelding, had been broken to ride prior to coming to us. This pony had learnt to throw his rider off before coming home, and was not good in traffic, so he was sent to us to be broken to drive by his new owners.

When this pony was sent to us, we were concerned that he was not suitable for his owners as he was very strong-willed, independent-minded and needed to be "driven" rather than "sat behind". Even if his owners were experienced drivers, he would still need to be handled and driven correctly so that he was not allowed to slip back into his old habits. If he detected a weakness or inconsistency in the driver's commands (for example, asking him to stand still and then not actually making him stand, or asking for a trot and then allowing him to remain at the walk), he would start to act as he saw fit instead of listening to the driver's instructions.

We discuss why we


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This film illustrates the importance of a pony having confidence in its driver. We were concerned that Foggy's owners would not be able to drive him as he had no respect for them. We show how the pony behaves for us, and predict how he will react when his owner drives him. We advised them to take him home for a short period to see whether they could handle him in the correct manner, then bring him back to be finished off. However they stated that they wanted to drive him on his return. We did not think this was a good idea for the reasons stated on the film - they came to drive him prior to taking him home.
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Hey everyone so these are some different ways to vault onto your horse

Make sure if you try any of these vaults that your horse is fine with you jumping around him before you try to actually vault up onto your horse

We hope this video is helpful, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below Thank you for all of your likes comments and subs xx

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I will make another on starting to ride bareback as well. Let me know if this helped! Thanks for watching!


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The much anticipated Free Riding NZ DVD is finally here!!!

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GoldRush is mixed breed. QH, Arab, Stationbred, Clyde, TB and probably lots of other breeds in there too

Royalty Free music from art of gardens. Many thanks!


Http://www.riding As we learn to ride, we are told to keep our heels down. Horseman Shawn Gannon teaches that there is a right and a wrong way to do this. Knowing the difference can dramatically improve your comfort and control when riding. Shawn owns the French Broad Outpost Ranch in Del Rio, Tennessee. Learn more at


Here are a bunch of clips from some of our performances at the fair! Oreo did AMAZING he always stayed with me even when we were running full speed tackless, in a big scary arena with people cheering. I am so lucky to own such a special little horse...

Youtube Video by Oreoliberty


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Youtube video by Free Riding NZ- Alycia Burton


The Original Free Rider Alycia Burton doing what she does best. Watch Alycia Burton & Classic Goldrush at a Full Gallop Jumping Extreme Cross Country Jumps, Water jumps & Huge Show Jumps.

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It was so hard to keep this a secret from you guys! If you have any questions about him please feel free to ask them in the comments:)

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Youtube video by Heelsdownhopesup


Rebecca Holland demonstrates how ladies from the late Victorian period rode side-saddle.  Youtube video by English Heritage


Griffin wins are usually just a pointer, a guide to something better to come somewhere off in the distance but the here and now was frighteningly good when Tony Cruz-trained Pakistan Star produced one of the performances of the season to win his debut on Friday.
A HK$6 million buy in March at the Jockey Club’s international sale, despite a few issues with his breeze-up, Pakistan Star (Matthew Chadwick) did a nice impression of another son of Shamardal, Able Friend, in a breathtaking performance that saw him post a finishing sprint of 21.2 seconds, seven-tenths of a second faster than the next best all day and one of only two horses to crack 22 seconds.

As he had done in his barrier trials, German-bred Pakistan Star began very slowly to be conspicuously last after 100 metres but it only got worse from there, as he struggled to stay in touch with the field and drifted to some five or six lengths behind the second-last horse at the 800m mark.
Tickets might have been torn up and some bad language used at that stage of the race but the turnaround was titanic – Pakistan Star


Something I have always wanted to try.
It was such an amazing feeling and Boo was such a good girl!

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