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Wildcatter Ranch is located 90 miles northwest of Fort Worth and is set on 1,500 acres of North Texas Hill Country. Minutes from Possum Kingdom Lake. Wildcatter Ranch is a perfect international guests or for an escape from the city for couples in search of a romantic getaway or families seeking new adventures.

Wildcatter Ranch offers horseback riding as one of its main activities. There are plenty of places to go horseback riding in Texas, but three things really set Wildcatter Ranch apart from all the other ranches; their wranglers, horses, and the land. The well trained wranglers are friendly and courteous and more importantly they will make you comfortable riding your horse. The pre-ride orientation will teach you the skills you'll need for a safe, fun ride. If you're an old hand at riding then they can review the skills that you already have.

Some of the best scenery and nature of the ranch is only visible from horseback or our 4x4 Jeep. The one hour guided Jeep tour takes in scenes of the hill country and the Brazos River. The Jeep can carry 5 people. You'll get to see most of the ranch including Kisinger Mountain where the view is breathtaking and there are lots of stops so you can take pictures. The jeep can take you down and show you were they do the canoeing and then it's off for a trip above the historic Brazos River where there's time for picture taking. It's a way to see the ranch that's really fun for the whole family.

The "six point sporting clay range" at Wildcatter Ranch is lots of fun, even for the non hunting types. Most people are familiar with "skeet ranges" and the range is sort of like a skeet range on steroids. Just as birds fly from all directions, so do the clay pigeons at Wildcatter Ranch. They have 6 different machines that throw the sporting clays left, right, straight, left center, right center, and overhead. Since you never know where the clay is coming from you learn to be alert. Besides being challenging and improving your shooting skills, it's just a lot of fun. All activities subject to safe and appropriate weather conditions.

Besides the guided activities there is a lot of other fun things to enjoy at the Wildcatter Ranch. Here's a partial list of those activities: Pool and Hot Tub, Hiking, Canoeing, Tank Fishing, Bird Watching, Fitness Course, Wagon Rides, Star Gazing, Horseshoes and Washers, Western Movies, Library, Sand Volleyball, Fossil Hunting, Tetherball and Basketball.

There's a lot to do in and around Wildcatter Ranch. For starters you can visit Graham, Texas just a 10 minute drive up Hwy. 16. You might want to spend a morning or afternoon in downtown Graham perusing the many shops in the largest downtown square in America. If water is what you like, then look no farther than Possum Kingdom Lake. Located about 30 minutes from the ranch, Possum Kingdom Lake has more than 18,000 acres of crystal clear water, truly a Texas oasis surrounded by beautiful cliffs and rolling hillsides.

Enjoy sunsets from your back porch or spend your day horseback riding, shooting sporting clays or exploring the rich Old West history of Young County. Wildcatter Ranch provides an authentic Texas ranch experience combined with upscale accommodations and services.

Jason McAlister, Resort Manager, Wildcatter Ranch, Texas interviewed by Rebeca Nesselrode.

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