VLOG - Falling Off?!? and Puppy Meets Luna!

7 years ago
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Alright, so I am a little rusty with my riding as I only have time to come out about once a week if anything because of school, but I have a lovely coboarder that rides Luna and she is also used in the lesson program. So she is getting the love and work she needs to avoid chubbiness and laminitis of course. She was excited because of the chilly rainy weather and clearly showing it haha. I got her working good at the end so I was happy. She just tends to remind me once in a while how big and sassy she really is. Also any critique on my riding is not needed, I know I'm not the best and I'm very rusty.

Anyways THUMBS UP for cute puppy and evan's commentary and thanks to him for filming everything!

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