Roundpenning a Pushy and Disrespectful Horse

7 years ago
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Hey everyone! Thank you for watching In this video, I will be working an 8 year old Arabian gelding. He was sent to me because he had extreme disrespect issues and would even walk over the top of people. The owners had used a stud chain on him. During his stay at the ranch, I made them ditch the big bit and stud chain and taught both him and the owners fundamental skills such as softening, ground manners, and trailer loading. He was a completley different horse when he went back, and I am so proud of his progress. I sadly did not get all of the training sessions on film, but I managed to capture this initial round penning session. He had no groundwork experience prior.

I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait to make exciting, new content for you in the future. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me at or on Instagram via @RealAndreaCao and @QFlexCowgirl.

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