How to Ride Sitting Trot (without moving) - Dressage Mastery TV Ep3

7 years ago
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Hello and welcome to this weeks episode brought to you by and Grand Prix rider Natasha Althoff. Dressage Mastery is an easy to follow system helping riders all around the world improve their riding.

So how do you ride sitting trot without moving? Natasha remembers the early days just bouncing! Your ankles act as your shock absorbers, they take that moment of suspension.

Make sure that you do not grip with your knees because in fact this will take you out of the saddle. You need to plug into the horse with your 2 seat bones. The use of your stomach is vital. In the early days using this, your stomach should be sore after a session. It's a pulling in of the bellybutton to the spine and a flattening of the lower back.

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Until next time, happy riding

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