- Here I talk about some grain, hay, Vitamins and other supplements. "MODERATION IS KEY" "LESS IS MORE". Too much of anything is not good for horses. I did not mention in the video about Mineral Block and Salt block available in the pasture. These are important so horses can supplement themselves as needed. I talk about rice bran, oats or rolled oats, flax seed, Red Cell and different hay. Too much grain, supplements, additives, calming aids and all the other stuff that people want you to buy is NOT good for horses. Small variety, little changes and a diet consisting of mainly grass hay is best for horses.

Yes I give it dry mixed with grain and the amount depends on how much the horse weighs. What every the directions say on fiber bottle? If it says one tablespoon for an adult, then for every 100 or 150 pounds your horse weighs, give that many tablespoons..