Pellet Feed


Alfalfa is a great forage to add calories or extra roughage to horse feed. Alfalfa pellets are NOT considered long stem fiber so they cannot be in replacement for hay. Alfalfa cubes are long stem fiber so you can replace pound for pound of hay! Also if your horse is prone to choke please be safe and soak your alfalfa pellets/cubes. Hope this video was helpful! Be sure to like and Subscribe to my channel!


Natural 12 pelleted horse feed delivers a “best friend” formulation that is safe and convenient to feed growing, breeding and performance horses. This product is convenient, easy to feed, and fortified with all necessary vitamins and minerals to meet nutritional needs for all stages of life.

Watch this video to learn more about how Natural 12 is helping Terry and Warnetta Martin's breeding program at TM Quarter Horses in Canyon, TX.

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