Marriage Proposals


UPDATE 4/28/15:
Thank you all for your kind words and support! Since Megan's and my engagement, we have gotten married on the beautiful beaches of The Bahamas. In fact, we recently celebrated our two year wedding anniversary and are expecting our first child later this year! I have a hunch our child will grow up and become best buds with Jackson

We have been truly blessed thus far, and are excited to see what else our journey has in store for us!


This is a compilation of the 2 hours leading up to and including my proposal to my now fiancée, condensed down into a short 10 minute video. Because Megan has grown up around horses all her life, I knew she would absolutely LOVE if her own horse was involved in this special moment. Here is my proposal to her in the barn where her horse, Jackson, lives... And yes, Jackson, played a huge role in this surprise marriage proposal! Thank you