Here is a link to "The wrong way to imprint a horse" In the below link this so called trainer or horse lover is tormenting this poor foal. She scaring the crap of the horse, she has no concept of pressure and release or giving the horse a right answer, she is being an ignorant predator that is grabbing, restricting and pulling on the scared baby. She is lucky Mama did not kick her ass. Mom was not liking what was being done to this baby, but the idiot human had no clue, she was too busy teaching, too bush being right, too busy thinking she knew what she was doing. This lady probably has 100 other ladies thinking she is so cool and tough and does such a good job since they don't have a clue either. And I think she is listening to guy in wheel chair, who also has no clue what is going on. Any idiot with an ounce of common sense can see that this baby horse is scared, confused, fearful, not learning and is just trying to get away and figure out what the hell is going on. This lady is the typical know it all that thinks forcing and "Showing the horse who is boss" attitude somehow makes her a