Horse dream vacation! Beach rides on the most beautiful beach of the Netherlands! [1000+ subs]

from MistyCross
6 years ago
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Thank you so much for 1000+ subscribers, it’s just amazing, like my vacation! As you can see, my first beach ride (it was also the first time for Bolero)! We went to ‘Zeeland’, and the beach we rode on is named as the most beautiful beach of the Netherlands! Bolero has also swum for the first time, his hooves were off the ground! We also jumped a few times and one time vaulting, but from vaulting I don’t have clips. At the beginning of the vacation, there was a really nice group and I rode I few times with them, you see them sometimes in the video.

I worked really hard on this video, I hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate a like, comment and/or sub of course! :)
This video is also for my 1000+ subs, again thank you so much !!!

Location: Paardenhotel Burgh

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