"Damaged goods" - The story so far (3 months)

3 years ago
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Yeah so this is my Journey video of onyx. I've had her 3 months exactly today and I couldn't be prouder to how far she has come! She's come from being a petrified and nervous horse to competing in her first show last weekend and was perfectly behaved and received some lovely comments from everyone there.
It just shows that no horse is completely un fixable, even the wildest most frightening ones! Trust and care is all they ask for and they'll give you their hearts in return.
I've learnt SOOO much from this amazing mare and i think we have been good for each other over these past few months. Thank you to everyone that believed in us from the beginning!

**UPDATE 2015**
had onyx nearly 2 years now, she is doing amazing and I'm so excited for the future with her!

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