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Youtube video by DamisVlogs
Das schönste Hobby der Welt kann auch mal anders… ;D

If you want to see some cute and funny horses check out this top 10 funny videos of funny horses.

"Diamond Dak" is standing at  Youtube Video by Bluezfool

Sarco Creek Ranch is a horse breeding service in Goliad, TX. If you are looking for a impeccable horse dealer then look no further. We offer beautiful Appaloosa horses for sale.

HONORS - 2016 Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Championship Contender

Something I have always wanted to try.
It was such an amazing feeling and Boo was such a good girl!

Youtube Video by NEddiesGun

Taking an evening walk with my Friesian stallion, Apollo -- his registered name is Harold v.R. -- Apollo loved every minute of our little outing!